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Harmonious World, Promising Future

With a global view to great harmony, the Longjitaihe Group gathers knowledgeable persons from all sides, launches the development steps of China to the world, creates the splendid colors of every era and paves a bright path towards a better future on a vast stage.

The Longjitaihe Group is a premium operator of new urbanization in Beijing that integrates real estate development, business, trade, logistics and clean energy. Founded in 1995, it is a leading force in the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the largest beneficiary of this national strategy. As an industrial operator and urban service provider, it boasts two first-class accreditations in real estate development and property management. After more than 20 years of development and total assets of nearly RMB 50 billion, Longjitaihe indirectly provides almost one million jobs. It has been in the country's top 500 enterprises for four consecutive years, ranks 46th in the countr's real estate top 100 in 2016, and also appears in the country's industrial real estate top 15 and commerce top 10.

The Longjitaihe Group aims to build a full-industrial ecological circle with new urbanization as the core to cater to needs ranging from urban construction and urban services to sustainable development. The Group is the practitioner of China's new urbanization. Since 2001, it has continued to develop 12 specialized markets in Baigou, Hebei, and initiated the 'Baigou Mode' of commerce logistics promoting urban comprehensive development. Longjitaihe is one of the enterprises that possess the most land reserves in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It holds investment-grade commercial property of nearly 2 million m2 around the Beijing economic circle, promoting the prosperity and development of the regional economy. Relying on the strategic layout of the Baiyang Lake area that possesses the most valuable tourism in Beijing's suburbs, it will grow to become a super-class culture and tourism enterprise. Longjitaihe is a leading figure of this generation in clean energy and smart energy. Its new energy innovative business was listed in Hong Kong in 2015. The Longjitaihe Group's real estate development business is deeply rooted in the whole of Hebei Province, extends to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and strategically lays out the 9 national regions. At present, it has moved into Tianjin and Chengdu. Its cumulative development area is up to 22 million m2.

Focusing on talent development and talent echelon construction, Longjitaihe sets up a broad career development platform and has gradually formed the employment ideality of 'identical belief, noble virtue and high intelligence with high capacity'. It has over 20,000 existing staff members. It possesses professionalized management teams with international backgrounds, over 10 years of industry experience, professional experience and dedicated collaboration.

Adhering to the enterprise culture idea of 'Harmonious World, Promising Future', the Longjitaihe Group has formed a unique system of 'Harmony' culture. In its development, the Group has always adhered to the operational philosophy of green environmental protection, using such emerging industries as clean energy, green construction materials and pre-fabricated buildings to support the development of low-carbon cities. In 2010, the Longjitaihe Group established the first enterprise charity foundation in Hebei Province, the Longjitaihe Philanthropic Foundation, which encourages corporate citizens to actively take part in the development of charitable undertakings. It sends care and love in many fields including the poverty alleviation of communities, humanitarian assistance and adolescent education, thereby fulfilling its social corporate responsibilities.

Longjitaihe always adheres to the enterprise spirit and ongoing power of 'Harmony Culture'. With an accumulation of more than 20 years of local professional experience, resources and advantages in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, as well as having an innovative system and an international professional team, Longjitaihe combines industrial integration with regional competitive advantages. Deeply rooted in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, it is planning high-value cities in China, promoting the regional industrial upgrading and sustainable development of cities, endeavoring to become a leading force in China's new urbanization, and making great achievements in 'Harmonious World, Promising Future'.

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