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Harmonious World, Promising Future

With a global view to great harmony, the Longjitaihe Group gathers knowledgeable persons from all sides, launches the development steps of China to the world, creates the splendid colors of every era and paves a bright path towards a better future on a vast stage.

In the early 1990s, the foundation of the first civil engineering opened the glorious course of Longjitaihe's career. As an industrial group with powerful strength, Longjitaihe has continuously created miracles in the construction of cities and countryside in northern China. The building system 'combining technology with art' realizes the dream of building the world.

In 2002,Longjitaihe developed and constructed itsfirst residence community – Taine Garden, which marks the start of Long-standing developing in real estate field. From residence community to cultural and tourist leisure base, from creative industry center to central business district, Longjitaihe has entered four main fields of real estate, namely residence, business, industry and cultural tourism; in addition, it has become one of the leading enterprises in real estate industry because it is rich indevelopment type, broad in development areas, and rapid in growth rate which is1.5 million square meters of developed area per year. Now, Longstanding isplaying a more important role in the urban-planning in China and residential construction.





Longjitaihe has achieved strategic expansion into commercial trade, creating the Yijiawang commercial chain brand. In just a few years of development, Yijiawang has gradually formed a large-scale commercial chain of operation, realizing the upgrading of the commercial form and innovating the regional mode of commercial operation.

Longjitaihe is entering the field of new energy with an investment of RMB 4.2 billion. It has established Lightway Green New Energy Co.,Ltd ,and plans to construct a production base for polycrystalline silicon solar cells with an annual output of 600 MW. At present, it has established a production, marketing and service system in four continents in the world, and injects Chinese impetus into 'science and technology changing the world' with the ideal of 'light the world, dazzle the future'. At the same time, it is gradually transforming into a retailer of distributed photovoltaic power station development and a supplier of green building solutions, moving towards the goal of 'promoting the green cycle and low-carbon development' put forward at the 18th Party Congress.





Longjitaihe conducts commercial upgrading and has established a high-end professional market brand: Hedao International. In the future business planning blueprint, Hedao International will guide the development concept of urban complexes, covering such large effective city patterns as CBD and RBD. It will be a famous commercial flagship in North China with the rise of the emerging commercial power.

Longjitaihe and ten cities in North China are strategically opening up, and Zhuozhou, Mancheng and Xiongxian County have been put into construction with the aim of forging landmark urban commerce buildings and one-stop comprehensive shopping squares.





Longjitaihe has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao, the first contract to construct the whole area. In the same year,Longjitaihe brought in Savills, rising to the world-class level in property services.

Vigorously driven by both governments and the Longjitaihe Group, the Fengtai Dahongmen area and Baoding Baigou held promotion fairs of commerce and trade integration which ensured that the specialized wholesale business in the Dahongmen area was transformed into Baigou.





Longjitaihe has been successfully listed in Hong Kong, and formally entered the Hong Kong capital market with the stock code 01281. HK. With the help of this listing platform, Longjitaihe takes advantage of the financing function of the Hong Kong capital market so as to promote the development of its clean energy business.

Longjitaihe won the bidding for the plot on Jianchang Avenue, Hebei District, Tianjin City, and continues to be deeply rooted in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In August of the same year, Longjitaihe successfully entered the Chengdu market and completed the acquisition of the Longquan Guoyu Program, which opened up the first step of the national strategic layout.



In addition, besides its striking achievements made in the fields of professional markets, cultural tourism, commerce, trade, logistics, property services, green building materials, new energy and finance, Longjitaihe has gradually formed a good development layout that integrates real estate development, commercial trade, new energy and financial services. In the future, Longjitaihe will tightly grasp the historical opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, further perfect urban functions, improve the image of the city, perfect the industrial chain, expand the development space and actively connect with resources on all sides, thereby promoting overall urban upgrading in the region.

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