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The website of the Longjitaihe Industrial Limited Company (hereafter referred to as 'this website') is set up by the Longjitaihe Industrial Limited Company. Anyone entering, browsing or using this website shows that they haveread, understood and agreed to be bound by this statement, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Copyright Notice

All the files ofthis website are owned by the copyright owner and noauthorization is made herein. Without the permission ofthe copyright owner, no one shall take the liberty to use it (including but not limited to: copying, spreading, displaying, images, uploading and downloading in illegal ways) or else the copyright owner will pursue their legal obligations according to the law.


The company can make any changes to this website and its content at any time without giving notice to other parties. The copyright owner does not guarantee or declare whether or not the materials and data given on this websiteare correct, complete or up to date.

All images (including but not limited to illustrations, perspectives, design drawings, effect pictures, etc.), models and text description in this website are only taken as reference information, not as any commitment or offer bythe company. The company will assume no responsibility for anylosses caused by this website or by relying on its content to make exchanges.

Developer Notice

The introduction to the companys development projects in this website is subject to finally-approved documents by the government. The relations of rights and obligations between the contracting parties of commercial residential housingare subject to the sales contract signed by the parties.

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